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Attention Real Estate Agents: Here is an article with details specific to Real Estate Agents and Sentrilock self access viewings.

How to access a CodeBox lockbox with Tenant Turner

Please note: If you have arrived 90 mins before or after your scheduled appointment time, Tenant Turner will not provide you with an access code. We will also not provide you with an access code if you have arrived before or after the Self-Access scheduling timeframe that has been indicated by the property management company (i.e 8am-9pm).

I have a confirmed viewing and I'm seeing "Entry Error" on the CodeBox lockbox

Please enter your code again. After the display shows "Entry Error" it will display the date and time. If the date and time shown is incorrect, then the property manager will need to reschedule your viewing after they correct the date/time on the CodeBox lockbox.

The CodeBox lockbox reads "No Showings Now"

This means you are attempting to access the box outside of the allowed access hours. Check to see if the date/time displayed on the CodeBox lockbox is correct. If not, the property manager will need to update the box and reschedule your viewing.

I'm getting an "Unauthorized" message

When you get this message, either:

  1. You are at the wrong box or the wrong CodeBox lockbox was placed on the rental. If you're in a building with multiple units, please double-check to be sure the unit number is correct.

  2. Your viewing is scheduled for a different date. Please reference your latest text or email to confirm the date and time of your scheduled showing for this property. 

I'm seeing a Low Battery message

The 9v battery is running low. Please notify the property manager so they know to replace the battery and can help you reschedule your viewing. 

You may need to reach out to the property management company directly for assistance. If you’re not sure who that is, please reference the signature on your last email:

Note: If you need help getting a self access lockbox code on the web page, please see this article.

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