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Transferring a SentriLock lockbox into Tenant Turner
Transferring a SentriLock lockbox into Tenant Turner

If you already own a Sentrilock lockbox please review the following to learn how to use that box with Tenant Turner.

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While not all Sentrilock lockboxes can be used with Tenant Turner, it is possible to transfer in certain types!

Step One:

Send Tenant Turner a list of serial numbers that you would like to transfer. Tenant Turner will begin the process.

Note: If you transfer these lockboxes they will no longer be available for use outside of Tenant Turner.

Step Two:

Once Tenant Turner gives you the go ahead, please follow these instructions to prompt the transfer:

  1. Download the SentriKey app (Apple or Android)

  2. Sign into the SentriKey app using our account credentials, which we will provide when it is time!

  3. With the App open on your phone, press ENT on each lockbox in turn

    **You are not actually opening the boxes- this is just used to prompt the transfer.

  4. Tell Tenant Turner when this is complete for all boxes on your list


  • The device you have the SentriKey app on cannot be connected to other bluetooth devices during this process

  • A strong internet connection is required

Step Three:

Tenant Turner will confirm when the lockboxes are available for use. Please review this collection of help articles on how to use Sentrilock lockboxes with Tenant Turner. You will no longer use the Sentrikey App. This collection of articles explains how to use a Sentrilock lockbox with Tenant Turner!

Check out the collection of articles below for more resources around lockboxes:

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